Frequently Asked Questions

Walthew House is an independent charity in Stockport that provides practical and emotional support to people who are Blind, Visually Impaired, Deaf, Hard of Hearing or who have Dual Sensory Loss.  We offer a range of services, classes and activities as well as Making the Most of your Hearing and Sight Loss courses and day trips out.  Please read through our website to see the full extent of our services.

Our services are for people aged 5+ and we currently have service users of all ages right up to 92!

You will need to get a referral from your GP or Optometrist to the Ophthalmology Department at your local hospital. If you are then registered by a consultant as partially sighted or blind, your details will be passed to the local Sensory Loss Team at Adult Social Care. They will then contact you to arrange to visit you to carry out a sensory loss assessment in your home, to see if there is any help/equipment available to you.

If you have more questions get in touch via the contact page.

If their eyesight has deteriorated or they have started to have problems, contact your GP or optometrist for advice. You can also self-refer to the Sensory Loss Team at your local Adult Social Care contact centre for help & advice.

Donations can be made by credit or debit cards; cheques should be made payable to Walthew House. You can also make a donation securely online using our CAF Donate page. If you are a tax payer, please don’t forget to gift aid your donation.

Charities can now claim back the tax paid on donations from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs   5  5 (HMRC). The money that you donate to the charity is money that you have already paid tax on, so by Gift- Aiding it, your charity can reclaim that tax. Gift Aid is calculated at the basic- rate taxpayer’s pay, which is currently 20%. Using Gift Aid means that for every £1 you give, the charity can claim an extra 25p. So, for every £100 you give to your charity they will be able to reclaim a further £25 from HMRC.