Meet the Team

Our charity’s work would not be possible without the support of a team of dedicated volunteers who give their time and energy to support us. Thank you to you all.

Kay Kelly


Kay has nearly 35 years’ experience working in the voluntary sector, and has been Executive Manager at Walthew House since 2006.  Kay is also a volunteer puppy walker with Guide Dogs and has walked ten puppies so far.  The photo shows Kay with Guide Dog Max, as a tiny puppy.

Rachel Cassells

Business Manager

Rachel has been the Business Manager at Walthew House since 2007.    She is part of the team who look after the day to day running of the office, activities and room hire. She also deals with the finances, accounts and payroll.  

Sandra Knott

Admin Support & Activities Co-ordinator

Sandra has progressed to Admin Support & Activities Co-ordinator after being part of the team for 2 years. She supports the daily running of the office, dealing with room hire, banking and general enquiries. She also now leads the planning of activities and events for service users, organises community fundraising events and is undergoing training to provide advocacy support for people with sight loss.

Linda Bradshaw

Linda Bradshaw

Specialist Sight Loss Counsellor

Lynda has been counselling Walthew clients since 2010 and really enjoys what she does. Counselling usually takes an hour a week and lasts for as many weeks as needed, this is generally around 10 – 12 weeks. The way that counselling helps you to feel better is a combination of sharing your worries and fears in confidence and gradually finding your own solutions to the difficulties in your life. Or, it’s just magic, the magic of our innate strength to overcome obstacles and to find joy in life.

Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor

Specialist Sight Loss Counsellor

Chris believes it is vital that we all have a safe place to talk about the issues facing us. A client once said “this is the first time I have been listened to.” Counselling can offer us an objective, non-judgemental and confidential place to explore what is troubling us. Remember you are not alone, counselling can and does change lives.

Chris recently created an easily accessible self-help book that helps identify anxiety, keeps you safe and offers strategies to work with your anxiety.  Copies can be obtained directly from Walthew House.

June Battye

Youth Club Co-ordinator

June Battye is our Youth Club Leader and has been with Walthew House for 10 years.  June leads our Youth Club for children with a sensory loss aged 5 – 14.  June plans everything from art and crafts to games, theatre and park trips out as well as our annual residential weekend away and much more.  

Vinny O'Brien

Youth Development Worker

Vinny is a familiar face with the services users at Walthew House.  He has supported us through volunteering and has been involved in many other things over the years.  Vinny is now our Youth Development Worker in our Youth Club.

Vinny is responsible for mentoring, coaching and supporting individuals, encouraging young people to develop their self-awareness, independence and individuality.  He works closely with our Development Officer focusing on creating and supporting wider support for families with sensory loss.

He comes with a wealth of skills and experience including training in Climbing, Caving, Orienteering, Canoeing and Kayaking Coaching, Archery and Summer Mountaineering.

Tawona Fleming

Tawona Fleming

Advocacy and Deaf Services Co-ordinator

Tawona “” joins Walthew House as an experienced advocate, having supported clients with a range of issues including complex benefits claims, pension withdrawals and safeguarding.  Tawona learnt British Sign Language in primary school and on finishing her degree in Psychology decided to improve upon her basic BSL skills. This lead to Tawona working in education, supporting young deaf learners, and eventually becoming an Advocate for the Deaf. As of the end of 2023 Tawona will also be a qualified British Sign Language/ English Interpreter.

Teresa Wild

Information Officer

Teresa is now back working as part of the team at Walthew House, helping with the day to day running of the office. Teresa also supports our Deaf Advocacy team and coordinates the Deaf First Responder Service and is one of our new Deaf First Responders.