You are currently viewing INFORMATION BULLETIN – COVID-19


  • Stockport Council wants to support their most vulnerable residents, and are asking anyone with access to the internet to visit their website if they have queries relating to regular council services, such as Bin Collections, Council Tax payments or Benefits.

Deaf people who are sign language users can text Teresa on 07980 507 884 to get this information in BSL.

  • World Health Organisation advise that home caregivers for people with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 should:
    • Ensure the ill persons rests, drinks plenty of fluids and eats nutritious food.
    • Wear a medical mask when in the same room with an ill person. Do not touch the mask or face during use and discard it afterward.
    • Frequently clean hands with soap and water or alcohol-based rub, especially:
      • after any type of contact with the ill person or their surroundings
      • before, during and after preparing food
      • before eating
      • after using the toilet
    • Use dedicated dishes, cups, eating utensils, towels and bedlinens for the ill person. Wash dishes, cups, eating utensils, towels, or bedlinens used by the ill person with soap and water.
    • Identify frequently touched surfaces by the ill person and clean and disinfect them daily.
    • Call your health care facility immediately if the ill person worsens or experiences difficulty breathing.
  • The Government has issued a list of which “essential” retailers are allowed to stay open. They include:
    • food retailers
    • pharmacies
    • hardware stores
    • corner shops
    • petrol stations
    • shops in hospital
    • post offices
    • banks
    • newsagents
    • laundrettes
    • pet shops
  • Fabricare Cheadle Launderette is reaching out vulnerable customers needing assistance with their laundry.  They are offering a free pick up and drop off service, for wash and dry services. It would just cost as if you were doing the laundry with no service charge applied. For more information please contact  07475 632 233.

For information on any of the above contact us:

Phone: 0161 480 2612/ Email: / Text: 07980 507 884