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Walthew House Coronavirus Action Plan

Coronavirus – Policy

Coronavirus has spread and there is now a risk that it will become established in the UK.  This document sets out the action plan for Walthew House.

Step 1 – Prevention of spread

To prevent the risk of spread a number simple actions are to be adopted:

  1. Handwashing: Regular handwashing reduces the risk of spread. Washing with soap works but when this is not convenient or available alcohol / antiseptic hand rub should be used.  NHS advice on handwashing is at the end of this document.  Particular care should be taken when serving drinks or refreshments or coming into direct contact with others.
  2. Clean surfaces. Before and after use, surfaces should be wiped down. Resource Centre equipment should be wiped before and after demonstration.

Step 2 – Protection of vulnerable groups

If the risk rises to the point where there is a chance that a member of Walthew House staff, service user, volunteers or other user of the building may infect others, the following actions will be taken:-

  1. Cancellation of group meetings and activities
  2. Risk assessments on 1:1 meetings :-
    1. Can the meeting/activity be delayed
    2. Can it be carried out over the telephone
    3. What prevention actions can be taken to reduce the risk of spread ( Stage 1 / face masks)

Step 3 – Protection of all users of Walthew House.

If the risk rises to the point where there is a high probability of the spread of infection, the following actions will be taken:-

  1. Walthew House will be closed
  2. Staff will work remotely


This is a contingency plan and the chances of Steps 2/3 being implemented are low but the actions on stage one are to be implemented with immediate effect.

NHS Hand Hygiene